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If you feel that your case was unfairly refused, you may be entitled to appeal or challenge the decision. Find out how our team of experienced immigration solicitors can support your application for Judicial Review. 

What can I do if my Visa application has been refused?


In the unfortunate circumstance that your visa application has been refused, you still have some options to overturn the decision. For example, you may be eligible to challenge the decision at the Immigration Tribunal if a right of appeal is granted.


In other cases where a Right of Appeal is not granted then you may have to option to request the Home Office to review the decision via an Administrative Review. This means that your application will be reviewed by a different immigration officer.


It is important to note that not all decisions attract a Right of Appeal or an Administrative Review. In this case, you may choose to challenge the decision via an application for permission to seek Judicial Review.

Para Casos rechazados sin conceder derecho de apelación


If your case has been refused by the Home Office and a right of appeal has not been granted, then you may be able to apply for an application for permission to seek Judicial Review. You may be able to apply for a Judicial Review within 3 months of the date of the decision.


Fase1: Protocolo de acción previa (PAP)


We will review your case thoroughly and if your case has merit, then the first stage is to send a notice to the Home Office to inform for intended action for Judicial Review. The Home Office will review the decision and may decide to reconsider the decision at this point. The usual practice is to request for the matter to be considered within 14 days as per Civil Procedure Rules – Practice Directions.


Fase2: Presentar una solicitud de permiso para solicitar una revisión judicial

Si no ha recibido una respuesta satisfactoria dentro de 14 días a la comunicacion enviada durante la Fase 1, puede presentar una solicitud de permiso para revisión judicial. El Departamento Legal del Gobierno responderá con un Reconocimiento de Servicio y detallará su respuesta. Luego, el juez tomará una decisión sobre la solicitud de revisión judicial y el juez puede decidir a favor de cualquiera de las partes, concluyendo si hay lugar o no para uina revision judicial de su caso. Tambien puede solicitar un permiso oral si se rechaza la decisión. Si tiene éxito, también podrá reclamar el coste del proceso al Ministerio del Interior.

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