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Visa para talentos excepcionales de nivel 1

We can help you apply for a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa to enter the UK. Find out if you're eligible here. 

Exceptional Talent Visa Immigration Solicitors in Manchester 

Our team of experienced immigration solicitors can help you find out which type of visa you need to apply for and help you submit your application. We have worked with businesses within Manchester and cities across the United Kingdom to successfully obtain Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visas. We also correspond with the relevant legal bodies and provide clarity on government guidance, processes and eligibility criteria. Our dedicated team can help you speed up your Exceptional Talent visa application by ensuring that all required documents and supporting evidence are correctly organised. 

Who can apply for an Exceptional Talent Visa?

Esta categoría permite que un perfil concreto de personas consideradas líderes o líderes emergentes en sus respectivos campos ingresen al Reino Unido. Antes de solicitar esta visa, los solicitantes deben solicitar al Ministerio del Interior del Reino Unido que los respalde en uno de los siguientes campos:

  • Ciencias 

  • Humanidades 

  • Ingenieria 

  • Medicina 

  • Tecnología digital 

  • Arte

What are the requirements for an Innovator Visa?


Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa applicants must prove several documents with their application, these include:

  • Pasaporte actual y / u otros documentos de viaje. 

  • Una fotografía tamano pasaporte separada 

  • Una carta de respaldo del Ministerio del Interior del Reino Unido 

  • Carta con el resultado de la prueba de tuberculosis (TB), si el solicitante es de uno de los países que figuran en la lista de pruebas de tuberculosis del Ministerio del Interior.


Each case will demand unique evidence to prove your eligibility, therefore exact requirements may vary depending on your circumstances. We recommend speaking to an immigration lawyer for expert advice. 

To receive a free initial assessment of your suitability for an Exceptional Talent visa, speak to a member of our immigration team today. 

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